Lease vs. Finance

Gault Leasing Language


Leasing is just another form of method of payment of your vehicle.  In the end - cost of ownership turns out to be pretty close to the same; BUT if there were a best choice, we would recommend lease and this is why:


Gault's Top 10 Reasons to Consider Leasing:


1.)  5 Options at the end

a.     Hand in the keys to Toyota

b.    Keep the Vehicle

c.     Trade it in

d.    Sell It Privately and Make Some $$$

e.     Extend the Lease


2.) New Car More Often (Every 3 years)


3.) No Trade Hassles


4.) You will always have the latest safety and technology


5.) Lower Monthly Payment


6.) Guaranteed Value to buy out the lease at the end, no matter what the market conditions.


7.) No Negative Equity

a.     market value has crashed

b.    vehicle was in an accident,

c.     excess mileage depreciation of your vehicle .45 for over 12k per year.  Yikes!


8.) Lower maintenance costs - 2 years or 25,000 of your lease is complimentary on Toyota plus Road Side Assistance!


9.) Sales Tax Savings


10.)   No Hidden Fees