Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is excited to announce the new enhancements to the lease end excess wear and use guidelines which will be effective on April 25th 2011. The guidelines contain many new features that are designed to be more customer friendly which will greatly enhance the overall lease-end customer experience. The new EWU enhancements include:

* Body Panels and Interior Damage

   New EWU Guidelines:

·        Adoption of a credit card sized reference tool to help the consumer identify chargeable damage – any dents/scratches/gouges/tears/burns covered by the traditional size of credit card are non chargeable.


* Tires, Wheels and Wheel Covers

   New EWU Guidelines:

·   Tires chargeable only with exposed cords, or tires and/or wheels that do not match/meet manufacturer's guidelines for safe operation;

·        Wheel gouges are only chargeable if they are greater than 1";

·        Alloy wheel scuffs are non-chargeable


* Estimated Damage Charges

New EWU Guidelines:

·        Mitchell Collision Estimating and Reference Guide;

o   Industry standard guide used for estimating damage;

o   Parts costs and repair times will be based on up-to-date Mitchell information.